ART KAOHSIUNG is launching its fifth edition in 2017. Since 2013, it has been earnestly cultivating the art market of southern Taiwan and the exhibition industry. A new vision for Taiwanese art market has been carved out through its effort of integrating abundant resources among industries, cultural bureaus and academics. Last year’s edition, it encompassed eminent galleries around China, Japan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and the United States, attracting 12,000 visitors and USD 4 million sales amount. The much anticipated ART KAOHSIUNG has become the iconic art fair of southern Taiwan.


Positioned as "the platform of Southeast and Northeast Asian art," and corresponding with The Go-South Policy of Taiwanese government, ART KAOHSIUNG focuses on art and cultural exchanges and relentlessly contributes to the next art collecting trend. This year’s edition, Vietnam and China are the theme countries within which a dialogue between the cultures and art forms will be held. To deepen the link between the theme countries and the academic, Art Kaohsiung Forum will cooperate with significant academic units, art media, prominent curators and galleries of the theme countries.


Every year, ART KAOHSIUNG’s reputational Collector Convergence Plan stands out from the crowd. We tailor niche trips for domestic and foreign top collectors to enrich the guests with the sense of culture and vernacular characteristics. As a cultural bridge, ART KAOHSIUNG collaborates with the active art fairs in Asia and Europe for expanding resources and increasing the international participation in the global art scene. Local resources including galleries, private museums, art centers, alternative spaces in Kaohsiung will join the Kaohsiung art week of exhilarating openings and performances.


Five years of strategic development and careful management, with the vision of Bureau of Cultural Affairs, Kaohsiung City Government, professional experiences of all parties, network resources, Collector Convergence Plan, and cross-over projects, ART KAOHSIUNG will present the progressive strength of southern Taiwan. We sincerely welcome you to be the energy of progress in Taiwanese art industry.


Contemporary Art Section

The Pier-2 Art Center is located on the center of Kaohsiung coastal area, representing the spirit of historical tribute and originality. The Contemporary Art Section will take place in P2, P3, C5, Bicycle Warehouses and demonstrate the current trend of contemporary art in Asia


Modern and Contemporary Art Section

The PIER-2 ART CENTER P2, P3, C5, Bicycle Warehouses

where the graceful grassland divides the pedestrian area and provides cozy mini-trip for visitors. Modern and Contemporary Art Section serves as preciously educational materials for Asian art history and will accommodate master pieces that senior collectors have been looking for.


Modern and Contemporary Art Section

This section is in City Suites, Kaohsiung, a fine hotel features both western elegance and eastern philosophical atmosphere. This section realizes the aesthetic belief of living in arts and satisfies young collects’ diverse tastes. The hotel room also provides indoor-artwork-display advices and creates the utmost coziness of surrounding by art.



International Curatorial Section

The committee will select keynote speakers (curator or gallerist) of Kaohsiung Art Forum to curate this section, with an aim to diminishing the geographical restrictions and discussing the current and future communication between arts in Southeastern and Northeastern Asia This year the featured countries are Vietnam and China.


Kaohsiung Art Forum

Since 2015, ART KAOHSIUNG is marked as the bridge of Southeastern and Northeastern Asia. This year Kaohsiung Art Forum will push the conversation further by inviting significant academic units and art media as the co-hosts. The key roles of this forum include the director of cultural affairs of Kaohsiung city government, art scholars and professionals in art industry. In addition, eminent curators and gallerists from the featured countries— Vietnam and China will also join the forum.

ART KAOHSIUNG 2017 - Starting now!

Host | Bureau of Cultural Affairs Kaohsiung City Government

Advisor | Ministry of Culture in Taiwan

Co-organizer | Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts,Kaohsiung Art Forum Association,

City Suites- Kaohsiung,The Pier-2,CHATEAU de Chine (VIP reception)

Organizer | ART KAOHSIUNG COMMITTEE (Dayuan Art)


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